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What is my IP address?

This is a free IP address lookup tool. You can find your public IP address instantly below.

Your public IP address

You can use the button below to find your current IP address again. You get a new IP address every time you change or reset your network connection (if you don't have a static IP).

Switching your router off/on, connecting to a different WiFi or turning airplane mode off/on are some of the ways that can get you a new IP address.

Find My Current IP


Although many people do not realize, IP addresses are indispensable in today's globally connected world.

  • "IP address" is short for "Internet Protocol address". It is an identification number for each computer or device on the Internet.
  • If you are behind a proxy server (eg. using a VPN), what you see on this page is the IP address of that server or service.
  • Majority of devices use dynamic IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses are determined by their networks and change systematically. On the other hand, static IP addresses are assigned to specific connection points and not getting affected by connection resets.
  • Learn more about IP addresses
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